Son Xoriguer Menorca

If you can't unwind on a holiday to Son Xoriguer, then you might be hard pushed to do so anywhere else. Because this small neighbouring resort to Cala'N Bosch is positively peaceful, helping you to relax with generous servings of watersports and summer sun. The focal point of Son Xoriguer is a small, sheltered beach, but be prepared to arrive early for the best spot. The beach is still striking at anytime with powdery sand and sunloungers which are a delight for sun-worshippers. Turquoise, glittering and calm seas are perfect for splashing kids. There is a sprinkling of beach bars for the thirsty and hungry. Water-sport activities such as sailing, water-skiing and parasailing are great for those who can't sit still for long. In terms of accommodation and holidays to Son Xoriguer you could maybe consider booking a luxury break at the prestigious La Quinta Resort Hotel And Spa, just a short walk from the beach. There are usually some late deals and enticingly cheap package holidays to Son Xoriguer as well. But don't imagine travel to Son Xoriguer means just the beach as there are a cluster of shops, bars and eateries, and you can also make the short trip to Cala'n Bosch as an additional attraction. Here, you'll uncover animated bars, seafood restaurants and colourful shops radiating out from a chic marina. And when you care to visit authentic Menorca, you can get the local bus to the traditional old town of Ciudadella, which in days gone by was the island's beautiful capital.

The holiday resort of Son Xoriguer is situated on the Balearic island of Menorca (occasionally spelt as Minorca). The island of Menorca is the second largest of the three Balearic islands and is only 34 kilometers from the bigger island, Majorca. Those who have previously taken a holiday in Majorca or Ibiza, will soon notice that Menorca is frequently quieter than the other islands. With many more beaches than any other Balearic island, Menorca is famous for it's large number of resorts that are suitable for families. The north coast of Menorca is generally very rugged and dotted with quiet fishing villages. The south coast of Menorca is generally a complete contrast and is dotted with quiet resorts that are suitable for families.

As already stated Menorca is quite a compact island. By renting a car you will be able visit the complete island. There are numerous tourism information offices to be found in the resorts of Menorca. These provide the latest information about Menorcan events, beaches, attractions and excursions. The tourist information offices are also an excellent source for a map of the island.

The island of Menorca is far smaller and slower paced than Mallorca. This unhurried pace is a major reason why Menorcan holidays are largely targetted at the family holiday market. Unsuprisingly most of resorts are considered to be family friendly. The Balearic island of Menorca is less spoilt and keeps more of the original Spanish character than the busier islands. So don't delay, pack your flip-flops and book up for Son Xoriguer in Menorca and take in the sun at a destination with authentic island character and charm?