Slap bang in the middle of the resort, Hotel Cala'n Bosch has an excellent central spot, between the marina and the beach. With its swimming pool giving you direct access to the sands, whether you want to unwind in the sun or enjoy the lively resort, this is a ideal choice.

Hotel Calan Bosch is located in Cala'n Bosch which is predominantly a family based resort so don't expect to discover any brash discos though in recent years some loud music pubs have appeared around the resort. Apart from that the entertainment in Cala'N Bosch is usually hotel based and fairly low key in nature.

Cala'n Bosch boasts a choice of a couple of decent sized sandy beaches. Both beaches come with decent facilities. Equipment for watersports can be hired on both beaches. The dinghy sailing lover has options if you book up for Hotel Calan Bosch in Cala n Bosch. Visit Son Xoriguer beach for sailing tuition. This is the place to rent a sailing dinghy, a Hobie-Cat catamaran, a windsurfing session or if you would like to book a canoeing session. Water skiing sessions are also on the agenda for the brave. Please double check that your holiday insurance includes cover for hazardous activities before booking up a water sports session or water sports gear.

So what night life can you expect in Cala n Bosch if you stay at Hotel Calan Bosch? The commercial area of Cala'N Bosch and therefore most of the shops, restaurants and bars are placed around the attractive harbour which is reasonably sizeable for a resort of this size. The marina shelters all but the largest yachts, and boats. The port area livens up in the evenings. In the main holiday season you are sure to discover a wide range traders and artists marketing their products and services. You can commision a talanted artist to draw a caricature as a long term memory of your of your Hotel Calan Bosch visit.

Geographically the specially developed holiday destination of Cala'n Bosch is very near to the extreme south-western tip of Menorca. As Hotel Calan Bosch is found in Cala'n Bosch which is virtually on the other side of the island from Mahon airport it comes as no suprise that the journey from airport to Cala'n Bosch is considered to be the longest airport runs in Menorca. The trip usually takes approximately one hour by car and a little longer by bus from Mahon airport into Cala'n Bosch resort. Traverse Menorca on highway ME-1 towards the former capital of Ciudadela. Shortly before reaching Ciudadela, watch out forthe RC-2 bypass which will take you south to Cala'n Bosch. Please note that if you already have an old map of Menorca, you might discover that a lot of roads have been renumbered in recent years by the authorities.

Hotel Calan Bosch is in Cala n Bosch which is set on the Balearic island of Menorca (sometimes called Minorca). The island of Menorca is the second largest of the three Balearic islands and is just 21 miles from the larger island, Majorca. Those who have previously taken a holiday in either Majorca or Ibiza, will soon notice that Menorca is usually quieter than the other islands. With a larger number beaches than any other Balearic island, Menorca is reknowned for it's many resorts that are family-friendly. The north coast of Menorca is generally very rugged and dotted with tranquil fishing villages. The southern coast of Menorca is mainly the exact opposite and is populated with tranquil resorts that are relaxed and low key.

As we previously mentioned Menorca is relatively a compact island. By renting a car you will be able get around the complete island. There are numerous tourism information offices situated in in the resorts of Menorca. These provide up to date information about Menorca events, beaches, attractions and excursions. The tourism information offices are also a great place for a map.

Menorca is much smaller and less bustling than Mallorca. This peacefulness is a major reason why Menorcan holidays are mainly targetted at a family holiday. It is no suprise that a lot of resorts are classed as family friendly. The Balearic island of Menorca is less spoilt and maintains a lot of the original island charm than Majorca and Ibiza. So don't delay, pack your flip-flops and head off to Hotel Calan Bosch in Cala n Bosch and absorb the sun on an island with genuine island charm and character?